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A new employment system for foreigners (Istanbul)

Hey all, received the below information and thought i would share it here for those that it may help. When i have more information i'll update this thread.

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We would like to inform you that Prime Ministry of Turkey has announced that the Turquoise Card will be effective on the foreigners work and residence permits.

Turquoise Card is a certificate which grants the permanent right of labor to a foreigner and the right of habitation to his/her spouse and child of whom he/she is obliged to take care in accordance with provisions of relevant legislation. A new and facilitated employment permit system, called Turquoise Card, has been developed; which is designed to bring in Turkey qualified foreign labor force which will make investments supporting development of Turkey, provide contribution to scientific and technological development.

Turquoise Card will be granted in line with the international labor force policy to foreigners whose application will be found appropriate in accordance with the principles and procedures set forth by the Ministry and opinions of the Advisory Board of International Labor Force Policy developed according to their educational background, professional experience, contribution to science and technology, effect of their activities or investments in Turkey to national economy and employment rate. Card holders will be able to enjoy the rights of Turkish citizenship once their reliability is confirmed

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