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Activity Groups in Istanbul .listicle for Yabangee

Selamlar Arkadaşlar

I am a contributor at, and we are working on a listicle about the top active activity groups in Istanbul, the point is to highlight these activities and groups by giving a brief description about each one, so people can have a good idea about what activities and which groups they can join.
The main goal of this is to bring people with mutual interests together.
So whether it’s running, cycling, dancing, photography, filmmaking, playing music, singing, acappella, language exchange, debate clubs, fishing or even watching fishers fish (yes, this is an activity! :) )
We invite you to share your experience with us, and tell us about the group(s) you are a part of.
How did you join? How long you’ve been doing this activity, how it brings you joy? And why would do you recommend it for others?
And if you are an organizer of one of these groups, you’re a joker!
We are interested to know how did your group first started, how do you organize things, how to join. When & where do you do your activities?
So yeah hadi, I would love to hear from you :)


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