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Adorable Male Kitty (Istanbul)

I'm looking for a lifetime owner, a warm home for an adorable, sweet male kitty who's name is Buki. He has an incredible story. He hided under a minibus somewhere all along the way from Maslak to Pendik and on the way back from Pendik we stopped and finally found him under the bus hiding in a tiny place, he was so small, wet and oily. I took him to my home temporarily, but they couldn't get along with my cat who lives with me since 6 years. In recent times they started to fight with real anger continuously, I had to take Buki to a building complex's garden where an acquaintance lives and where there are many other happy cats that they feed there.

3 weeks later I couldn't believe to my eyes, I saw this miracle cat in the garage of the building I'm living. I don't know how he was coming there from Istinye to Göktürk but he returned somehow. Now I feed Buki since a month in the garage and give him love. My cat at home got ill, I can't take Buki back to my home.

I'm looking for a lifetime, warmhearted, caring owner to him. His owner's home will be filled with love, laughter and positive feelings:)

If you are interested or you know someone who would be, please contact me, I'll send pictures of Buki and my telephone number.
This is urgent!

Thank you so much,