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Anyone merge Turkish & American wedding traditions (Istanbul)


Has anyone merged Turkish and American wedding traditions? I attended my first Turkish wedding last weekend and I was not happy. It was one big party where everyone danced and ate but I didn't feel like it was focused on the wedding couple. In US, there would be no eating during ceremony, my father would walk me down the aisle, all eyes would be on us, we would possibly say out own written vows, etc. The reception would be similar to turkish reception but there would be more personal touches to reflect the couples personality.

Also, it seems all the wedding planning is basically left to the venue and you don't get to pick your own photographer, caterer, wedding cake bakery, band, etc. Maybe I am wrong on this but it is the feeling I am getting.

So how do you get everything you want in Istanbul while also keeping with the grooms family traditions?

Also, what are the brides families obligations in regards to engagement, wedding and marriage in general? I had heard in past that the couples parents contribute to purchasing items for the home and things like that. The brides family pays for engagement party.. I don't really know what the normal cultural expectations would be if we were both Turkish so my parents can we involved in the traditional way as well.

Thank you!

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