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Ayurvedic products & organic Indian high qual teas (Istanbul)

Organic India Holy Basil tea and Ashwagandha supplements are the best natural remedies against stress!
Neem supplements for perfect skin and blood purification.
Amla supplements for a powerful immune system and as a great source of vitamin C!
Yoga tea containing Brahma Kalp for a powerful detox and cell regeneration experience. Brahma Kalp also stimulates growth of new cells including brain cells and enhances memory and learning.
Beneficial for heart functioning, regulates liver dysfunction.
Excellent source of electrolytes when exercising.
Weight loss Ayurvedic tea and Ayurvedic capsules.
Complete hair regeneration homeopathic package.
All at reasonable prices:-) and with profits to be used to support children's education as well as parent training programs!

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