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Best Istanbul App for SALE

Want to impress your friends with how much you know about Istanbul?
Do you need a few ideas for your 'insider's tips to Istanbul' blog?
Is walking on side streets and discovering places one of your favorite things to do?

If that's so, you need to know about SoUL Istanbul... Our app made for Apple devices - iPhone, iPads (in iPhone mode) & iPod Touch.

The basic app is FREE with more than hundred recommended locations and custom maps. And you'll want to know about them.

BUT the coolest part of it is this: In SoUL Istanbul, you can purchase CINEMATIC WALKS for 4 neighborhoods + Topkapi Palace. Put on your comfy shoes, go to the starting point on the map, and start walking as you listen to cool sounds, music, fun stories and interesting facts about this city. Each CINEMATIC WALK is a sound experience and takes about 1 hour.

And all this without roaming... As a matter of fact, you can use SoUL Istanbul in Airplane Mode. Cool?

Listen to a teaser here: Protected content

Download today: Protected content

Next time your friends & family are in town, give them a guide that is light, current and entertaining. Ask them to download SoUL Istanbul.

Try it out this weekend and let us know how you liked it: Protected content

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