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Blue Voyage on the Turkish Riviera, May 29th (Istanbul)

My friend Pinar is organising sailing trips on the Turkish Riviera, the next tour will start May 29th. Price is Protected content per person. At the moment two Canadians and one Turkish-Canadian lady have signed up for it. If you are interested please read more details below and get in contact with Pinar: Protected content

Route : Orhaniye(Marmaris)-Selimiye-Datca-Simi- Bozukkale-Sogut-Orhaniye

Departure : Saturday 12.00

Arrival Protected content Friday 18.00

Blue Voyage on the Turkish Riviera by Saling Boat

"Join us for ‘one week sailing’ on the Turkish Riviera, called a ‘ Blue Voyage’ for a ' unique life reaffirming cruising experience'. .. A boutique joyful and restful holiday for your body and your soul...

Sailing at the turqoise coasts of Marmaris and Datca is one of the “must do’s” in this life and we promise that you’ll want to repeat your journey for years to come there after period. ‘Sailing’ in the natural beauty of Turkish Riviera make the Blue Voyage more unique ..

It’ll be an unforgettable holiday, for you even if regardless of whether you have had no any experience of sailing before . While having a gorgeous sumptuous holiday, you will also learn how to sail or simply brush up on your skills.

Sailing means becoming one of the team the moment you step on the boatboard. It means working with the captain, assisting him in managing the sails, anchoring, cooking, making your coffee or mixing your gin and tonic...J

If you just want to relax however, we’ll do all the sailing and catering for you and you can just soak up the sun, the blue, the smell of the sea, the green of the pine trees on the shore, the eyes of your beloved, the aroma of a fresh brew coffee.... There is almost no end to the things you can enjoy in that setting, we are equipped to cater for all your whims...

You can also shape your 'own itinerary' although Our captain has a rough sketched out a route for you and you may refine and perfect your journey as you please... Or you may just prefer “going with the wind”.... We will spend time at the destinations you love the best. Afterall we are on a sailboat, not a cruiseliner...!!

Of course you will also choose your own menu for the week and we will shop for you to create the tastes you savor... You will sample Turkish Cuisine and we especially recommend fresh barbecued fish, native to the Aegean waters...

Usually daily sailing duration is expect to sail between Protected content a day and the rest of the day you can left to enjoy the beautiful coves, the and crystal clear water, or you may prefer sunbathing on the deck, walks in the nature ...

During our journey you will also have the opportunity to taste Turkish Cuisine and especially fresh fish, have a chance to meet with local people, do a spot of shopping if you like, have a walk in the nature.. . The region is most famous for its rich dark organic honey, almonds, oregano, linden and much more..."

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