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Bringing my nice old motorbike to Turkey (Istanbul)

My family and I relocated back to Istanbul 10 months ago. We had everything shipped from our house in Bangkok that is all except my motorbike! Reason I didn't roll it into the container was that
(1) Bike wasn't in my name or my wife's name. (Thought the tax and name thing would be an insurmountable problem)
(2) I had an old BMW motorbike sitting in Turkey that I hoped I could get on the road. Since being back, can't locate original papers and local man has decided it was his all along!
(3) Thought that I could easily sell it in Bangkok as it had all correct papers, was cheap and a bloody nice little bike. - Not the case, since everything turned to kaka in Thailand nobody in the expat community is interested in spending their hard earned cash on such a luxury.

Anyway, I am now reconsidering shipping it here..............................................
Does anyone have knowledge of a local company that can advise and assist me in this process?
Any thoughts on tax payable on such a venture?

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