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cafes in Taksim (Istanbul)


Hi :)

I am looking for cafes in Taksim where I can spend a morning or afternoon or evening drinking coffee and using the internet. But NOT Starbucks or Gloria Jeans. Looking for some quaint little cafe that isn't a chain that does NOT use TTNET for its internet service provider.

I am taking my Masters online through a U.S. university and I have to do a lot of research. Obviously they don't have libraries here where I can check out books in English so I have to do all my research online, watch lectures online, contribute to class discussions online, etc. Needless to say, I am online all the time. And I am tired of sitting at home!!

Anywhere I can walk to in the area would be great. If anyone knows of a cafe in Cihangir or Sishane or Taksim or Tunel or anywhere in the vicinity!

I tried using the library on Mete Cad. but they use TTNET and it costs money there. It's too bad cause it has a beautiful view and it's quiet. Perhaps I'll use it to read my textbooks.

Thanks everyone!

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