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Can someone tell me more about Concept Language? (Istanbul)


I am looking for personal experiences about Concept Language Turkish courses. In past I took lessons at Dilmer and I found them really helpful but the lessons may not fit well in my schedule this time. I think it really depends on your teacher there..I had a very small class with lots of conversation time.

Anyway, at Concept Language, are you still learning lessons or is it only scheduled speaking hours? How many hours a day is a class? Do they offer any classes 3 times a week or is it only 2 times a week? My Turkish is much better the more I speak it obviously but I want to continue learning grammar as well so I can continue to expand my ability to use and understand verbs.

How easy is it to get to Etiler from Levent without a car?

My significant other is Turkish and I need to keep improving my language skills preferably in the fastest way possible so I can keep up with everything especially as we go through engagements, wedding plans, etc.

Thank you!

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