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Can you Take a look here. (Istanbul)

Hello every one.

My name is Hesham, I am Egyptian and i live now in Istanbul, with my wife she's an American.
She got a job as English teacher as a native speaker, but I am still looking for jobs every day.
Now its been 41 day without work, and still looking i called and apply for jobs at hostel,hotels,english teacher,arabic teacher,resturant,cafe,model,cabin crew,dog sitter,baby sitter,cloth stores,sahibenden,karyer,mymerhaba,caigslist,google search,etc
I didn't find anything .
I am really in so bad situation right now between my self and my wife as well.
I really want help and am asking you guys because i don't have anyway to ask or to know how to solve this and find something just here,If someone know anything could help me with or any jobs that i can go, to ask i will do it immediately.

Thank you

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