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Çapulcu(Looter) Humor! (Istanbul)

Mr. Erdoğan, Prime Minister of Turkey called protesters ‘’bunch of looters’’.
Looters’ Turkish equivalent is Çapulcu/chapuhljoo/ .You might have noticed some of our Turkish friends added Çabulcu before their name on Facebook as an objection. On youtube there were guys singing ‘’Everyday I’m çapulling’’(instead of Everyday I’m shuffling) yeah this was historical moment for English and Turkish language because lots of new words added to English language.It inspired me, you can help me to enrich this dictionary.Let’s have fun and be creative with it☺ and please let me know which one is your favorite?
From now on Ç=Ch
Çapul=Looter in other word ‘’Protester’’
Çapulling:Act of protesting
Çapbro:Besiktas-Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe fans that are çapulling together.
Çapulgassed:Yes you are right! Çapuls who are tear gassed
Çapulweet: Sending photos online by tweeter.This word shouldn’t be mistaken by Çapluweed which will not be mentioned here ;)
Inçapuloxicated:Çapuls that are are being pepper gassed and at the same time drinking Efes beer!
WhaÇapulapped:Çapu who is using Whatsapp to inform his/her friends
Gastroçapul:Çapuls who are gathering in GeziPark and instead of çapulling eating Doner kebap!
Çapulate: Action of copulating two protesters(Çapuls)
Zoçapulled:The pets(esp. dogs and cat) that are being effected by tear gas!
Agroçapuls:Çapuls in villages and remote areas.
Coçapulling:Cooperation of çapuls in Istanbul and Ankara
Don’t çapul with me!:This is extremely vulgar.It’s being heard in rage and anger.
Çapulpan: Çapuls who are lazy enough to go to the streets and banging the pot and pans
Outçapulled:Used when the numbers of Çapuls outnumbering the numbers of non-çapuls.

Çapulfully yours,
Can Jodeyri

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