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Casting call for British expats (Istanbul)

Friends, please SHARE and help us to find a great cast in Istanbul.


Shooting Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Production title: In Extremis
Production Type: independent
Project length: short Film Protected content
Project format: 4K 16:9 HD
Posted on: Wednesday, November 11, Protected content
Production Company: Mampassi Films Ltd, UK
Director: Bjorn Magnus Jacobsen Ihler
Producers: Dina Iglikova, Syinat Sultanaliyeva
Casting Director: Dina Iglikova
Auditions: by Skype
Contact: Protected content
Compensation: No
Drama experience: preferred, but not required

Upon agreement, throughout December
Shooting Starts: Jan 12, Protected content
Shooting Ends: Jan 17, Protected content

"In Extremis" is a short film about Philip, a young and hopeless man stuck in the vicious circle of no education, no work, no future. Raised by a single mother, Phil has struggled to find his own place in the system seemingly out to keep him down no matter what he does. In prison, where he gets locked up for illegal possession of drugs together with his gang mates, Phil befriends Amir, a devout Muslim. He sparks Phil's interest in Islam after Phil is confronted with news of his own early fatherhood.

Roles available

[Philip] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: Protected content
Philip is an alienated young man raised by a poor single mother in Liverpool, UK. Weighed down by his origins and the endless cycle of poverty and bad education, Phil is trying to rebel against the system and take control of his own destiny.

[Amir] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: Protected content
Amir is Phil's fellow inmate. He is well-educated, from a fairly well-off family. Amir's father immigrated from Pakistan in the 70's to start a small chain of shops. His mother was British. Together they study and discuss their situations as inmates, Phil's fatherhood and background, and religious concepts such as transfer of sin from fathers to sons.

[Emily] [GENDER: FEMALE] [AGE: Protected content
Emily is a young woman, receiving social benefits from the government. She has no work, no education, no future in sight. After hitting it off with Phil during a party, Emily becomes pregnant. Phil, who was just imprisoned, seems to not want to do anything with the child.

Background actors

[Prison guard]
All ethnicities
Age: 20s – 30s
Body type: Athletic/Fit build/gym rat

Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Arab/Turk/Maghrebi background
Age: 20s – 30s

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