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Champion of superlig Fenerbahçe Celebration* (Istanbul)


Champion of superlig Fenerbahçe Celebration*

*Fenerbahce leading the Turkish Superlig just one point ahead of the second team.If Fenerbahçe football team wins today, Fenerbahçe will be the champion of Protected content Turkish Superlig of football as basketball girls,volleyball girls,volleyball man teams did this basketball man team already in finals likely to be champion too… If Fenerbahçe draws or lost we will look the second team match(Bursa). So if Fenerbahçe becomes champion today,it will be celebrated around all country also in some places in Germany too… But heart of Celebration will be in BAGDAT Caddesi Asia side.Bring your alchol,camera,it can be a unforgetable night for you too,thousends of people will be going crazy,want to be one of them ?wear darkblue-yellow or just buy the team shirt from the FENERIUM store which is located under Stadium Of Fenerbahçe… Remember Bagdat Street will be closed better park your car a safe place and come by taxi is recomended.Have fun….

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