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Characters for international advertisement needed (Istanbul)

There will be Let´s Do It! World ( Protected content ) advertisement clips shooting here in Istanbul already next week and the week after! This is your chance to help the good cause. Please distribute this message to your networks.

A. The production crew is looking for the following CHARACTERS from Istanbul area (there is no text for them, some relevant experience would be appreciated):
Clip II:
1. Father (between ages 35 to Protected content working days planned on 16.12., and from 18.12. to 19.12. or at one of those days, will be announced later), paid;
2. Mother (between ages 35 to Protected content day on 16.12., paid;
3., 4. 2 sons (between ages Protected content , would be fantastic if they are brothers)- full working days planned on 16.12., and from 18.12. to 19.12. or at one of those days, will be announced later), paid.
Clip I:
5. One girl Protected content old, sh is a lead character in one of the clips, needs to be brave and couchable Protected content days, 13.12. Protected content ., paid;
6. Older couple (woman and man; with a car if available Protected content , 13.12. and 14.12., not paid;
7. Man (with a car if available Protected content , 13.12., not paid
8. Some people who can be at the scene with their cars or lend them for shooting period of Clip II, not paid;
9. Ca 60 people for mass scene- 1 day, 14.12., Protected content at night time, not paid.

Please distribute the above list ASAP and ask your friends and family members who are interested to be characters in these advertisement clips to send their face and full length photo (just any kind of photo showing face and figure of a person) to us URGENTLY! They should indicate their character interest and point out if they have any previous similar experience, also name and contact data. If not selected to the lead roles then mass scene is still available for just anyone. Please do not send your photos if you are interested in mass scene, just your name, age, gender, and contact number and information that you are interested in mass scene.

NB! These are international advertisement clips not intending to show the action specifically in Turkey but just in one of a southern European country. Therefore all types of faces are welcomed to apply!

B. The production crew also need to find the following SCENERY:
For shooting Clip II:
1. River in city environment with some greenery around, and river with the bridge (pedestrian bridge favorable), any kinds of suggestions welcomed;
2. Middle class kitchen, but if there is a cool dining room you might want to recommend, then go ahead (for serving dinner in it, plenty of space for setting camera up in it too).

For shooting Clip I:
1. Square with a tree (tree needs to be at least Protected content high), cars need to be driven around it in the clip, so soft and muddy places are impossible to use.

Please send to the indicated email address your photos or suggestions, and give the locations of such place(s), don´t forget to add your contact data in case we have additional questions.

Please ask for more details if needed. Email address for mailing in photos and questions is: Protected content

Thank you so much for your help in advance in this urgent matter!

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