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Clicked to join,left right, left turn, go to event (Istanbul)


This is about a post about blacklist to share your ideas.

It is going to be decision of some moderators that they have support of some members that it made me surprised in this kind of website that you think to connect global minds. Moderators or some members use force a lot like you can feel like you are in army;
"Left right, left turn, right turn, about turn, saluting on the march to left, to right, to front" -> "Click and join, left right, left turn and go to the event, check your name..."
or there will be two sides; who are in blacklist or not.

Sorry but new members even feel like alone in their first meeting, if there are actions like that it will create negative atmosphere for all members. I offer to moderators to consider this again.

In Belgium Consulate event 25% of people are in blacklist. In another meeting there will be more people in blacklist. Then in rest there will be few people not in blacklist but sure moderators will forgive you since they are nice. Otherwise there will be people that consider IN is their life?

%25 is not less but still minority but this means it is a fact so many people can not attend already they plan to come. It is surprising that moderators says
"these uncaring and unreasonable click-happy members"
this is too much judging. If you live in a city like Istanbul it is so OK to have Protected content to do in a evening and you can not know surprises or last minute plan changes, this is a fact...

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