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ClimateChange and Istanbul


On the world forum,we are discussing a thread about the Climate Change,

By sharing my 20-year experience here in Istanbul ,
I 'd like to open a discussion about what can we do about our home.

My opinion ;

Istanbul needs to be officialised as separate,
Intellectually Multicultural Country;
with it's own Government; protecting and restoring it's own habitat, fauna, climate ,local culture and multi-religious history.

Since there are many ethnicities living since centuries in here.
We should stop pretending it's a mainly a Muslim Country, popularizing and investing in any under averaged class.

Istanbul needs to be able to control its growth, infrastructure and its own demographic dynamics and the temp of this rapid change !

Because I'm telling you we're dying alive here.
Especially on the weekends, I do not go out.There is 0, Protected content gray space to step per person.It 's the new India.And we seem to be out-homed from here since no country welcomes immigrants as Turkey does.
In the last 3 years,local population has raised with 3,5 million !!!!And the mid class literally has disappeared.
Every single thing tolerated by it's society is accepted as normal.I do not believe this can be tolerated by the Istanbul society.This is not normal.This is a crime !

When it comes to the climate change; overpopulation and overpollution goes hand in hand.

1.portable exhaust filters for the cars; as a must.
2.sun light, energy chargers on the street for more trains- they may run.
and at the top of the buildings for rechargeable devices.
3.I always use buses or trains but it snot bearable..I wish there could be more expensive but cleaner and more modern ones.With passenger limit.
4.Green taxes or legal green park percentage policies.
5.Underground tunnel projects for public transportation.And big vehicles driving on the main streets.
6.Shower filters and cleaners, since our waters are polluted not ph balanced and re tough.
7.Bırth Control ,crude birth rate :by Protected content 16,9%o,when in Eurpoe it usually is around :0,1%o

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