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Confusion about housing in Istanbul

Hey guys, I have notice that there is so many unfair things happening in Istanbul regards to housing.

First, all the apartments are unfurnished!!! As an expat you're not sure about your ways and areas surrounding you etc, how can you also go and look for a furniture?

What if you stay only few months, or max a year. Again going through the hassle of buying and selling the furniture? Is this a must procedure for all arrivals? Why is it so?

Another thing is, if a flat is furnished or partly furnished, then the price for some reason doubles, or even triples per month. Is it fair?

Or if you decide to stick to a room, and look for it, then rooms are priced unevenly. For example if the cost of a flat is Protected content per month, then in the same area you expect a room for a price of at least Protected content (fairly), but landlords just charge Protected content for a room in the same area. So you think, isn't it better to actually rent your own place then?

Sooo unreasonable prices. Anyway, I have decided to go for a flat, i guess have to choose unfurnished one. Advice me please where do I get the furniture? Better without a hassle.

And when I mean furniture its normally everything: washing machine, fridge, tables, chairs, sofas, beds, wardrobes, spoons, cups, kettle, pillows, bedding pack etc...oh my gosh, it's insane. I normally spend my time choosing furniture with care, I don't just go and pick up something, I like to give it a soul, I am an interior designer in heart.

But if I spend time choosing everything!!! do I have much time left for other things? Like exploring the culture, the city center, the people etc. All the nice stuff will be left for lateron?

I don't know, maybe I am the only one who feels this way. Just wanted to share my thoughts. And I still think that flats should be rented furnished or at least partially furnished and not triple priced then the ones unfurnished. And the rooms shouldn't cost same price as the monthly rent for the whole flat.

If you think you have an offer for me, or advice where do I get furnished flats for a reasonable price, or if I get a room also for a reasonable price, or you know where to find good furniture for a reasonable price please pm me. I'd appreciate it very much.

Also, if you don't mind advice me on good areas, where to choose flats? I likr residential area, not overcrowded with youngsters or one day tourists, where normal Turkish or expat community live. I hope I didn't sound harsh in my post :))

Another thing is, how much agencies charge?
Too many questions I know, but this is how I feel now. If you can respond to one or two of these questions that's perfect.

If you're still reading my post, I want to say thank you for attention :)

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