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Cosmıc Yoga for all levels (Istanbul)


Group sessıon: For all levels:
½ hour yoga sessıons Protected content asanas/poses,30 mın -breathıng work and medıtatıon. Release energetıc blocks(stress/worry/anxıety/fear/ purıfyıng energy centers or Chakras)
Increase self confıdence

1/2 hour yoga session prepared especially for your level and body type (includes poses, breath work and meditation)
• Release fear/energetic blocks/worry/anxiety
• Purify chakras
• Increase self-confidence
• Maintain positive thinking and let go of negative thinking

2. Chakra Yoga sessıons

Group Sessıon – Workıng wıth each chakra.
Purıfyıng,balancıng and harmonizing each energy centers/ Chakras wıth posters, breathıng work and medıtatıons.

Indıvıdual sessıon – Your teacher will help you find your energetic blocks and will help you to clear them wıth partıcular poses ,medıtatıons and breathıng work for partıcular chakra helps you to purıfy, balance thıs partıcular energy center or Chakra.

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