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Director of Operations (Istanbul)

Global Business Reports (GBR) – Job Description - Director of Operations

GBR Summary:

GBR was established 14 years ago and is a British owned company with Headquarters in Istanbul.

The company’s principle activity is producing sector specific country reports that are published inside various leading international Trade Magazines or through GBR own publications.

GBR generates its revenue through selling advertising spaces within the reports to leading institutions/companies in the countries that we choose to cover.

Job Title: Director of Operations

GBR HQ is in Istanbul, and Director of Operations will be based at this office.

Position Reports to:
Managing Director

Job summary:
The Director of Operations is responsible for strengthening the overall operations of the company and ensure that:

GBR identifies key areas of operational improvement
GBR counts with a system to ensure a timely and effective flow of information
GBR optimizes its production of reports and runs according to planned schedule.
GBR reduces mistakes, delays and extraordinary costs incurred for lack of attention to set plans.
GBR develops a more cost efficient operation.
GBR offers a better support to its growing number of teams so that they can focus on field activities and maximize revenue generated on the ground.

Key responsibilities:
Production of Print Content:
Definition of each product's schedule from production to delivery
Assignment of responsibilities between employees
Follow up of schedule and deadlines and send reminders
Printer Order: product specs, number copies and clearing price quote

Web and social media content
Programming of contents and production deadlines.
Management and promotion of social media accounts
Updating databases and GBR media kit materials.
Release of Newsletters through emailing software
Tie-up with other digital platforms
Subscription model management
Optimizing web design to increase advertising opportunities.

Team Operations
Flights and Travel Agency relations
Visa checks and paperwork required for visa applications.

Print Distribution
Distribution plan for each project, with dates/deadlines/contact details
Track of Distribution Managers
Track of magazines arriving to distribution point
Track of advertiser distribution.
Coverage of bonus events and logistics.
Support to events GBR participates in with promotional material.

Media Partnerships
Identify key events and negotiate barter agreements.
Follow up and deliver on barter materials
Arrange for final distribution
Attend key events and strengthen key relationships.

Career structure:
Successful candidate will begin no later than January Protected content will go through training for a period of 2 months. During this period, the Director of Operations will shadow current activities done by Managing Director. At the end of the second month, the final promotion will be decided.
The Director of Operations will be expected to take this posting with a soft commitment of 2 years, with a minimum of 1 year as from January Protected content any commissions or bonuses to be paid at 100%.

Required skills for this job:

- hold a masters degree or more than 10 years of professional experience
- speak advanced english and 1 additional international language (French or Spanish are preferred)
- highly motivated and results oriented person
- impeccable work ethics and respect for office rules
- excellent management and organisational skills
- strong networking skills to represent GBR in front of clients

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV to Protected content