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Discover the Potential! New logo of Turkey (Istanbul)

Turkey is starting new world order and 21st ceuntry with a new story, new slogan and new logo to promoto Turkey and Turkish products worldwide.

Branding is key element in business and it has vital eminence in global trade, export and business. Not only international trade, export and business related to brand but also toursim, investment and many other fields in economy are effected by brand and brand value.

Slogan of Turkey's new logo is ''Discover the potential'' which include an offer to people who are interested in Turkey and Turkish products and also services. This offer includes discovering potential in Turkey with it's diversified economy and culture. Discover and get rich. Discover and contribute to world civilization. Anatolia is capable of creating synergy and creating profit and causing win&win to all parts.

Meaning of Logo

Logo was created by Kufi stlye and traditional Turkish Rug pattern called hand at back used on it. Anatolian tiles figures were also used to create pattern in letters which are constituting logo.

There are 8 patterns and all off them have different meaning:

GROWTH: Means sustainable and continuing development of country.

SYNERGY : Represents ability of working together.

WORLD: Stands for strengtening position of Turkey in the world.

MEETING: Emboies not only 2 continents come together in Turkey but also people from different cultures and countries come together.

BOTH WESTERN AND EASTERN: Illustrates Turkey is versatile.

INNOVATION: Means creativity is characteristic of Turkey.

COLLOCATION : Tells togetherness of country and skill of working together.

UNITY: Shows Turkey's adaptation skill and ability.

Let's discover potential of Turkey together and creat mutual benefit and contribute to civilization!!!

to see logo please visit linkedin pulse article.

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