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Does Music Make it a "Meat Market"????? (Istanbul)


I have a question and I would love to get some feedback on. I love the InterNations events, as they have been a wonderful source for me to find fabulous, warm, and sincere people and I have established some fabulous, heart-felt friendship; however, has anyone else noticed when you add loud music and put the events into a "club" environment, the dynamics change dramatically? The event on Wednesday went from an opportunity to "meet" people, to an assumed "meat market". I just wanted to say hello to someone and I was accused of hitting up on her. At non-club-like events, that kind of behavior had been welcomed with equalled desires. There is something about the environment that makes the mood for meeting people, less threatening. I didn't meet anyone Wednesday night, and that disappoints me. I would love to get the Mar and Venus perspective on this dilemma Men and women).

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