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employee rights in Turkey (Istanbul)

So my question is about our rights.
Brief explanation: In private sector Boss is like God whatever he/she said should be done, even if there is no logic. Basically our Boss wants to extend Working hours, tries to give us more responsibility only because our team has master degrees,we speak good English, wemanaged to deal with problems etc... Teams which are weak in knowledge and behaviour more relaxed are still relaxed and at end of this year we were told (smart team) we have to help them( weakteam). Its not fair they smoke all day,chating on line, watching moviews however we do not have time even for normal lunch because of work load. Whatever we say to Boss he does not want to understand.
Now guestion: how we are going to stop this? Ma team manager works Protected content and she tries to find her way to get money and leave, basically she suffers too. Is there any legal process to start? May be someone faced the same problems?
The one more issue is that we do not get salary in time, it may delay for week even more. Since employees are locals they get support from family or have some other income since i am foreigner I do not have income from any other place and i live alone so no support at all and I have to pay my rent. So so unfair. I work hard,i have degree, I am professional at many aspects. At the same time they are happy to provide my work permit, they made salary increase around 15% extend w.p each ear. So what are my rights? How I should deal with this situation, i worked 8 years for British company we had rules, procedures, team leader, CEO all steps to follow but here i am lost.

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