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Ethnic Cuisine Group's First Culinary Adventure: Thai Cuisine @Grand Hyatt (Istanbul)


No passport or visa required for this trip and we’re getting a great deal: 50TL (VAT included) instead of the advertised regular price of 65TL. But get this, it’s a BUFFET of some of the best dishes from Thailand as prepared by a Thai chef flown in for the festival, NOT a crummy set menu. And we’re getting a COMPLIMENTARY glass of wine to go with the dinner.

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Event Date
Start date: Mar 15, Protected content
End date: Mar 15, Protected content
Entrance Fee / Cover Charge
Ethnic Cuisine Group members : 50.00 TL
Event Location
Grand Hyatt Istanbul
Taskisla Caddesi, Taksim
Protected content , Turkey
Email: Protected content
Phone: Tel: Protected content

Here’s from Hyatt event’s copy:

In March, dining in Agora Restaurant at Grand Hyatt Istanbul will take on a new meaning as guests will be able to enjoy an authentic Thai atmosphere and indulge in a promotional menu themed around exquisite Thai food in cooperation with Royal Thai Embassy and Singapore Airlines created by Chef Supattra Panyasombat. For seven days beginning on 12 March, guests are invited to take a culinary journey to Thailand, where the food is influenced by India and China, thanks to the country’s location between these two cultural and historical powers.

A Thai meal has no courses and, like most cooking of the region, is built around rice, with southern Thai people eating long-grain rice, while northerners favour short-grain or “sticky” rice. Noodles, probably introduced from China, also play a role in Thai cooking. Most Thai dishes are either stir-fried or steamed – primarily in a wok – while some are also grilled. Fish sauce (nam pla) and/or shrimp paste (kapee) appear in nearly every recipe.

The other distinct flavours of Thai cooking come from the indigenous spices and produce, including coconut milk, lemongrass, tamarind, ginger, black pepper, galangal, garlic, cilantro, basil, palm sugar, turmeric, cumin, shallots and green onions. Last but not least is the chili, a late arrival to Thai cooking, having been introduced by Portuguese traders early in the 16th century. Since then, the chili has become a central player and much of Thai food is fiery hot.

Chef Supattra has almost 15 years’ experience with Thai food and a bronze medal from the Thailand Chefs’ Association. She has worked at a number of Hyatt hotels around the world and, since Protected content , has been the Thai chef de cuisine at Park Hyatt Dubai.

At this special event, Chef Supattra will present a display of delicious Thai dishes as she and her team will be preparing a delicious menu just for you.

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