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European or Asian Side? (Istanbul)

Hey Folks,
New to this magnificent town and i am amazed every single day. I have been taking ideas from folks at the office too but would be lovely to hear your opinions...

My job is on the european side, near Besiktas. I also have visited asian side during the Greater Eid. Moda, Bagdat Street and places like that.

Asian side seemed less crawded and more green to me. Was it because of the holidays that the city was less crowded?

I am having hard time to decide where to settle.I am near to my office for now but that location dosent need to be permanent.
European side's night life looks more colorful and asian side feels more cozy and peaceful..And taking the ferry to work every day seems like a beautiful idea for now.
My options are Besiktas and Moda for now. Which one would you suggest? Or maybe a third option where i can commute to work without getting in to the traffic?

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