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Exceptional work permits in Turkey (Istanbul)


Hi everyone!

Probably for many of you the topic about getting a work permit in Turkey is very important. I have some questions about this topic.

As it is said in the law there are work permits that are called Exceptional , which can be obtained by Foreigners married to Turkish Citizens and living in Turkey with their spouses who stay in Turkey legally. It is said about these exceptional permits: there are exceptions when a work permit will be issued independently from the terms listed by Law.

My question is: As a person married with a Turkish citizen and living legally in Turkey do I still need to have a job contract to apply for work permit? And what exactly is the "exceptional" part for people in my situation?

Even if I still need a contract do i need to provide all the documents that are listed as requited for the regular work permits (translated diploma and so on?!?)

It seems very hard finding a job in Turkey in general, so the lack of work permit is really bothering me so it may be a problem with future employees.

How do you guys deal with these situations. I would like to hear your experiences.

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