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Express yourself! What is your QR-Code? (Istanbul)

after some technical problems of munich I had to postpone the event.

Now, I am happy to anounce since a very long time a new activity!

Finally the summer season has shown itself and we can party open air. Make yourself ready for an innovative way of partying!

To be a part of this game, first you will need to download a QR-READER on your mobile phone. There are some different applications which are offering this service. QRISMA is one of the best QR-Readers I used.

What are we going to do with this reader?...

Now lets start to be creative!
1- go to this link:
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2- express yourself!

3- download the qr-code

4- now you can either print this qr-code out and take it with you to the party
or better

5- go to a print center and get a sticker which you can stick on your outfit this night!

Make yourself ready for an innovative way of partying on the 6th of July at Mentha Open Air!

You can attend to the party from this link which will give you also the exclusivity to get a discount of 20% for your first drink!
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Before the party we are going to have a dinner at the same place. Please inform me if you want to join the dinner or attend from this link:
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