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F&BG becomes Rene's F&B Network (Istanbul)


This is a notice to all F&BG members and those interested in becoming one: on my suggestion and request, IN is closing F&BG, my particular brainchild and personal mission as an IN member - as those who've been around the 17 events I've organized can attest. This will happen very soon.But this doesn't mean the end for the group because I will continue with a group in this IN site devoted to the same enjoyment of epicurean food and beverage. This time it would be outside the umbrella of IN Groups.and this way the group's raison d'tre or reason for being, its dynamics and purpose would be better upheld in its original concept and execution. Going forward the group will be called Rene's F&B Network. To join, connect with me, Rene Ames. Thank you and I regret any inconvenience for the group's change of name and status.

BTW, you're already in the Network if you received the invitation to Rene's F&B Network event - 1: Protected content

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