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Football Reloaded (Istanbul)

Hello everyone,

It is a new year but for many people, nothing is new unfortunately. Still they hope to be better, still they want to be better and still they want to do better. But they don't, it is all for tomorrow. Always this tomorrow that never comes. Well, that's for them. Not us.

We are already doing better and we are enjoying it. For us, we have many activities you and I. One of them, is football. It keeps us fit, improves not only our hot bodies, but also our minds and ability to endure when our weaknesses threaten to take control.

For us, playing football is commitment and love. We show the world that we love ourselves and we love our health. It attracts people to us. For sports are not for everyone. Sports are for those who are generally successful. They are the ones that can actually commit to something.

If you are one of those people and sport is your thing, let me know you are interested. We already have an established group and we play every Thursday at 9:00PM near Galatasaray Highschool. I would love to add you to our list of committed players. It is also great way for us men to make friends with each other which is unfortunately not easy!

We sometimes go for drinks afterwards and sometimes battle, erm, I mean, play, against other friendly teams. It would be great if you become part of that.

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