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For Entrepreneurs. (Istanbul)

Hi All

There is a big conference at Ciragan Otel on 16 th of March for entrepreneurs.
I have to warn it is an expensive conference :(


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Held for the first time Inspired Protected content a global entrepreneurship conference focused on inspiration which is organized by a leading events management company, Sipahiler Events and the Entrepreneurship Foundation in Turkey.

Hosting many famous entrepreneurs from America Europe and the Middle East regions Conference will gather entrepreneurs young people embarking on the path to becoming an entrepreneur angel investors venture and private equity companies banks organizations in the entrepreneurship ecosys-tem the incubation and entrepreneurship centers and major media companies in an interactive environment

Setting up the conference with “Leading Enterpreneurs, Inspiring Talks” this year’s theme, Inspired Protected content be discussing “how the entrepreneurs ecosystem was developed in different countries”, one of the most popular subjects, “internet of things”, trends in health care, energy, home and transportation sectors, women’s entrepreneurship, exit stories of successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship experi-ences turning from failure to a success story.

Having the spirit that successful entrepreneurs should “give back” the source of success where they are fed and improve it, and motivated by the mission to give away to society what you took from it, Inspired Protected content to spread the entrepreneurship culture and adoption of entrepreneurship as a career in the next generations. Inspired Protected content participants meet with the famous and successful entrepreneurs, will also provide a comprehensive networking platform suitable for development of new ideas, new partnerships and new alliances.

The participants of Inspired İstanbul event will enjoy the opportunity to widen their horizons by hearing success stories from many globally renowned entrepreneurs and investors first hand, including Richard Branson, Yossi Vardi, Devita Saraf, Yasmine Shihata, Allen Taylor and Wendy Kopp.

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