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We are a group of specialized instructors experienced in both private university hazirlik academic English, as well as extensive private business English consultation for businesses and corporations specifically in Istanbul.

People rely on our private network when it comes to quality, experience, efficiency, and most importantly - results - in the professional world.

Through our experienced programs, employees are able to acquire and accelerate their language skills through a tailored and specialized in-house English language training program.
Deigned and adapted for your specific company needs, by industry- experienced English language professional consultants.

We have extensive experience in Business English language needs and training, in many communicative areas such as -

HR, management, telephone English, business emails, conference calls, presentations, speeches, editing, attending international conferences, staff relations, sales, negotiations, diplomacy.....and other core business areas......

All our initial consultations and employee assessments are free of charge.

Some of our previous clients include Fox Tv Istanbul, other television networks, and other major Borsa listed corporations in the Istanbul area.

For further details or questions about a free consultation and assessment

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Or email -: Protected content

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