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Friday Night in Paris- Stating the Obvious! (Istanbul)

Here’s what I wrote on Facebook back in February of Protected content , stating the obvious:

“How long is it going to take before some of the, now highly trained and very proficient, jihadist snipers and bomb makers find their way out of Syria and turn up in Chicago, Istanbul or London…whom are you going to blame then? Whom do you blame for Al-Qaeda? And by then would it really matter?”

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I’m not a fan of the Syrian regime, I will never condone mass murder, torture and pure evil masquerading as patriotism!


Allow me to take you back in time to that infamous UN Security Council session, when Colin Powell argued the case for the war in Iraq. Back then, with Syria as a temporary member of the council, the Syrian foreign minister vehemently opposed the war plans. He urged the council not to go ahead with it, claiming that a war in Iraq ‘‘would open the gates of HELL in the Middle East’’!

He was right! Having spent the past five years in Syria, I can’t begin to describe the horrors brought onto ordinary people by those masquerading as Freedom Fighters, trained, armed and thoroughly supported ofcourse by the free and democratic west! We now know that Britain was training gunmen to invade Syria, as far back as Protected content ! Those very same gunmen are the ones fighting for IS and other terrorist organisations across the Middle East and beyond..

We have to face up to our fatal errors of judgement, hold Tony Blair & Co accountable for Iraq. We have to break away from the United States’ sinister foreign policy and terrorism BIGGEST enabler, the CIA! We have to deal with extremism through education and the alleviation of poverty. We also need to recognise, as many Arab thinkers across the ages have, that there is a fundamental problem with Islam itself!

We need to recognise that Syrians & Iraqis have as much right to live, and go clubbing, as the rest of us. On Thursday, IS struck within Lebanon and Syria, with many dead and injured... But that’s not news anymore. Also not news that Saudi Arabia continue the export of fundamentalist Islam, and along with Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE continue to funnel deadly weapons & mountains of cash to Islamist fighters in Syria & Iraq, It's not news that America continue to provide intelligence and overall support to the Islamist rebels and Turkey continue to act as a safe heaven and a training ground for all Jihadi trips into Syria!

I first wrote this comment on the occasion of the beach massacre in Tunisia... And it really angers me that I have to repeat it so soon! My heart goes out to the bereaved families of those who lost their lives on Friday but I can’t help but wonder about those ‘unreported’ deaths... who would stop for a second to think ‘they did not deserve this..this is madness, this is just madness!’

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