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Gevende @ Borusan Muzik (Istanbul)

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Gevende is tagged as: psychedelic folk, turkish, psychedelic, folk, asure muzigi

The group was formed in Protected content took the name Gevende in Protected content own works have been designated till''Psychedelic People'';

Especially with their stage performances Gevende highlights of improvisation and working with different musicians each step they perform is an open Jam Session, and they have had many chances to peform with different musicians, the group's composition process reaches competely on stage in every stage performance Gevende let the songs flow into the current mood and past composed the songs are transported to another dimension, resulting in each song to be heard in a different way for all stages of group a strange and wonderful sounds

Song used as an instrument and participate in performance with improvisation Word is that notes from other instruments Ord has no special meaning, and some of the compositons have the song written everything changes in every stage performance

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