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GLOBAL PEACE THEORY / Afzal Shauq (Istanbul)

Based On..“a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with… afzal shauq”

If and when the invincible book of norms is ignored?
If and when custom of humanity is burnt to dust?
Due to the wicked shadows of greed, lust and other evil doings,
We don’t have the right to be named as human beings.
Rather, we are brutal animals like vultures and crocodiles.
If we truly wish from the heart to be called humans of higher race,
Then we must not shrink when we are called “the children of Adam”.
For once we begin to consider ourselves as sons of Adam
Of this verdant mound, of this dry land, of this circling life –
Then we might also try to answer the ancient golden query of………
“Aren’t we cousins to each other? ” or “Aren’t we all brothers and sisters? ”
Hence, let’s all take initiatives to bridge up the gaps between hearts.
To connect all broken knots regardless of color, creed or race,
Via road to positivity, presenting cheerful aura of glowing smiles.
Respect to one another is a blooming string that ties warm cozy ends.
Letting social life be dance and sing melodiously with the collective actions.
Pleasing, filling, satisfying; the glaring shadows of humanity.
In which it has long been betrayed, jumped out of shell,
By the selfish wand and magnetic resonance of greed!

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