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going on a eurotrip! (Istanbul)

Hello everyone, I am a student and I want to make a Eurotrip with a really low budget. I dont have so much money, but I need to do it- so I will couchsurf, hitchhike and dumpsterdive like a freegan! If anyone is interested to join this adventure, or have questions; feel free to message me.

Also, this week I am picking up things that I will need during my vacation: a backpack/suitcase, a camera or a smart phone, a sleeping bag, or whatever I can need. I know that these are really big things but if anyone is up for renting things for 2 months (thats how much time my trip will take) or swapping things, that would be awesome and I would really appreciate that! Sorry if that post is too weird, but I am so willing to do this trip :) Thanks to everyone!

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