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Importing FMCG (Food) to Turkey – tips wanted (Istanbul)

Hi IN-community

I am considering importing finished branded consumer goods (canned food products) from Scandinavia and wonder if any in the IN community have any experiences with this? My goal, if I find the right products for the Turkish consumers and their palate, is to get them to the supermarket shelves.

I would appreciate input and tips on does/don’ts, websites with info/process, personal experiences, contact names in the retail chains etc. I already have access to some support (incl. legal) through a partner. However, this partner has limited experience with branded consumer goods import and pitching the retail chains thus this request for advice/tips in the IN-forum.

In advance, thank you for your input and help

Best regards

PS: If there is contact information you do not want to post here, you can email me at Protected content
PS2: I am using LinkedIn and is member of several Turkish groups, thus is aware of this as a valuable source of information too

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