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Internations Monthy Events (Istanbul)


I just got back from this month's event and I want to share my thoughts. as I am one of the photographers, I am able to mingle amongst all the groups, and when i say groups, I mean that.... little pockets of people, usually in 4s or 5s just standing around and talking. Now I try and introduce people that have something in common. I guess as I get to meet a lot of people, it's easier for me, but what do the other members do....?

Too often do i come across groups of Turkish people speaking in Turkish.... How inviting do you think this is to a foreigner ???

Internations was set up, as I believe for expats who are in a country where they do not know the local language and would like to meet like minded people who are in the same situation. I believe it was also set up for expats to meet locals who can converse in the international language of English and perhaps offer advice.

(This may be harsh) I saw very little of this going on tonight... What I did see was, as above, groups of male and female Turkish people not speaking English even, let alone, trying to find an expat who may need their assistance.

I have a question to single flagged members (Albatross and Basic), just in case I need to explain, single flagged meaning here that you are from this country only. Why are you a member of this community? As all communities it is about give and take.. what do you give and what do you receive? (this is not a rhetorical question, I really want to know )

Hope to hear from you....

PS. The Internations monthly gatherings are photographed for fun and show that we are a sharing fun loving community, polite rejections are acceptable. Looking down of ones nose and snorting is not..

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