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Internations Photos and Comments (Istanbul)

Hi there,

As you know I take some of the photos at our Internations monthly get togethers, so I'm notified whenever someone adds a comment to the photo.

I've started to notice that there are more and more photograph stalkers out there... there are a couple of people especially who are not even in our network that add comments like... wow you are really beautiful.... oh my god you are such a stunner... or ALL 3 of you look nice and attractive.... Now don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous...:) and I agree with the stalkers, but I'm not going to write that on their photo... it's a little creepy... don't you think.....?

Anyway, it's one of my observations that's all... just wanted to share it with you, I hope no one is really getting stalked by these weirdos :)) Wael Shanab and Kevin Danielson are the two I've seen a lot of !! Beware :)

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