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Istanbul City Sightseeing Tour

Dear All,

I bought two "Istanbul City Sightseeing Tour" tickets for some of my relatives who would come to visit İstanbul 2 months ago. But it has been cancelled recently. Now, i want to share one of that tickets with someone who is here as a tourist to explore Istanbul. *Tickets expiry date is 10 August. Some brief about the tour:

Daily Panaromic Tour Of Istanbul

90 minutes long tour, you will be shown the highlights of Istanbul with the best possibilities to take photographs. Under the backdrop of minarets and mosques, like a step out of time stands the ancient city of Istanbul. The only city in the world built on two continents, Europe and Asia, standing on the shores of Bosphorus.The city guards the precious relics of three world-dominating empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, which she has been the capital, a unique link between east and west, past and the present ... Art treasures and architectural works will evoke your feelings of nostalgia. Modern day Istanbul boasts the best of both continents. With a colorful history and vibrant past, vividly alive, Istanbul today offers the visitor a unique insight into variety of cultures.

The latest technical advantages will serve you as multilingual audio-guiding system in original commentary of 8 different languages, with personal earphones for each guest.

If anyone interested in taking this tour, please kindly leave me a message untill tomorrow evening.


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