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Dear Istanbul Members,

It has come to our attention that members have been searching for names on a guest list and stating the wrong name at the event entrance. We can only assume that this is a result of closed guest lists and/or failing to register in time for the event. As a result of this behavior, we have decided to make picture ID mandatory at the entrance of the events in Istanbul. This is not the type of behavior that we expect from our members and we are very disappointed to have to implement this new rule. Unfortunately, it is a measure we have to take as this has become a problem in your community.

That being said, please remember to bring your picture ID to the events. If you neglect to register for an event with a closed guest list and forget to bring your picture ID to the event, we are afraid that you will not be permitted to enter the venue.

We hope you can understand our reasoning for implementing this new rule.

Best regards,
Your InterNations Quality Assurance Team

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