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We are awarding and annoucing the creative young and enterprenuers on our event everyyear.


The JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award ( CYEA )
JCI is an organization of young active citizens who are dedicated to creating positive change. The JCI CYEA program was designed specifically to recognize, honor and celebrate exceptional young entrepreneurs and the role of creativity in their success.
JCI CYEA is awarded to a creative young entrepreneur that has started a new business using creativity in product development, service development, and in their approach to the market. Or, they have taken an existing business and incorporated creativity to solve a problem, or change a process, to create positive change in their business operations. The winner’s creative business must not only be innovative, but also abide, in some way, to the UN Global Compact’s ten principles, regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The Rules For JCI CYEA Award

• Men and women between the ages of 18 and 40 may participate in this program. Nominees born before January 1, Protected content after December 31, Protected content not eligible for the Creative Young Entrepreneur Award. A nominee must be an owner/manager who is primarily responsible for the recent, or start-up performance of a privately held business.

• A nominee must be a resident of the territory within which they are being nominated. This territory may be local, regional or national. (For national programs, proof of citizenship or permanent residence may be requested.)

• Participants need not be members of the JCI organization, provided they meet all other requirements and are nominated through a JCI National Organization.

• International semi-finalists must submit an electronic photograph to the final judging panel. This electronic photograph must be at least Protected content and JCI suggests that the photo show only the head and shoulders of the nominee.

• All international semi-finalist contestants must be willing to travel to the JCI World Congress, and will be required to swear an affidavit attesting to the accuracy of the information contained in their nomination form.

• JCI will cover the travel and accommodation for the three finalists. Their businesses and their use of creativity in their success as an entrepreneur will be presented to the Congress, whereupon the finalists will be judged. The winner will be granted the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award.

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