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Just that simple (Istanbul)

To learn a Language
you can always go to some expensive classes, pay lots of money, waste your time and eventually hate yourself .
you can do what I did
Learn it by having fun 2 hours every day with 0 money paid - if you know how to get things from the internet ;)
It's not only about what to use, it's also about how.
to learn the language you ask your self

1- what to use for (( Grammar ))
you might consider reading this amazing book:
Asuman C. Pollard, “Teach Yourself Turkish Complete Course”.
so simple, and forword It has everything.

- HOW: read every word carefully, solve the questions, don't you ever skip pages or units, the grammars were already shortened.

2- WHAT to use for (( listening and reading ))
Turkish movies, Original Turkish movies not Hollywood movies with Turkish dublaj.
It will help you understand the Turkish way of life beside the language.
also the movie will contain all situations (( at restaurant, at bus station, at dinner, at work ....etc )).
HOW to watch it:
a- watch the first 10min with english subtitle (( understand the events))
b- rewind with turkish subtitle (( learn the new words, recognize every word by listening))
c- repeat what they say in turkish.

when you can repeat it by heart, then you can move on to the next 10min.

keep it as 10min so the excitement to know the end will drive you to study more.

it took me 1 week to watch a 2 hour movie.
After finishing the first 20min, you will feel so much improvement specially with your listening skills

I recommend
(( av mevsimi, Head-On )).

You can pick other movies from here:
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you can also choose some Turkish songs that you like (( also with Eng-TR lyrics )) to keep your self surrounded by the language the whole day.

I recommend
(( Oğuzhan Uğur - Tarkan - Murat Dalkılıç ))

3- What to use for (( pronunciation ))

just take advantage of being in Turkey.
Turkish people are so welcoming and so helpful ((most of the time :p ))
I used to take my notebook and ask my barber while cutting my hear, or ask the delivery guy.
Sometimes I just ask the guy sitting next to me in the metro.

Just be creative.

no matter how much you keep yourself surrounded by the language, the understanding is what will make the difference for you.

It worked for me, should work for you ;)

Good luck

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