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Language learning (Istanbul)

Has anyone any tips for learning turkish?
I'm not new to living in Istanbul, in fact I have been here for a few years now but due to my hubby's job in aviation we always speak need for Turkish...however I need to learn some basic answers and understand basic questions and also learn Istiklal marsi (national anthem) as I may in the future be trying to become a citizen.

I'm not 100% yet but maybe in the close future I may be looking for a female turkish/English speaking teacher NOT MALE....if anyone can recommend someone to me and has a lot of patients and likes a big challenge then recommend someone in replys.

I will say I have tried a course in Taksim square before we moved to the outskirts of the city....I'm quite far out now near Belikduzu area. I didn't like the course in the city as I absolutely hated the way teaching methods are here....I also tried a private teacher from around nisantasi area....I have to say I think she was good but the aim of what I was trying to learn......just was not helping seemed irrelevant, think she had other ideas and it didn't suit me at all. I want to learn day to day speaking....I live name is......I am.....years old.....I was born in.....

Any ideas for self teaching and self help basing it on my lack of concentration.....I must enjoy what I'm doing! :) continue in a strong way.

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