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Language schools? (Istanbul)


I have taken courses at Dilmer and they fit me well and I have learned a lot but they only have the intensive class this month instead of a 3 day a week 2 month class and I find the intensive class too much because of the travel time everyday to get there. I have inquired about Concept Languages but they only offer an intensive class this month then start two hour a week 1 1/2 hour sessions in September. I want to progress a bit more quickly than that and I would prefer to start classes right after Bayram.

So what are my options? I have completed the 2nd level at Dilmer. My boyfriends family is Turkish and I will be seeing a lot more of them in the next two months and I want to keep progressing in my language skills. I live a 10 min bus ride to Levent so any place near there or along the metro line would be great.

Thank you.

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