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Learning Arabic for Academics,Business,or Interest (Istanbul)

Well, it doesn't seem as fun as learning Spanish or Italian … I know. But Arabic is one of the most beautiful and inspiring languages in terms of word design, calligraphy, and sound. It will give the chance to get inside a very interesting cultures and literature.
So weather Arabic is a plus for your business, or your academic studies/researches, or you just need some basics to get by for tourism purposes, I can teach you what you need to know, since it is a very diverse language and learning by enrolling in a regular course might give the impression that Arabic is the hardest language ever spoken.. which might get you frustrated.
It’s not gonna be strict to learning language! I will let you inside the world of Arabian cinema, music, poetry, and tradition.
During the first session together we will evaluate your motives for learning Arabic so I can know what would be right for you, and I will give you the outline of the learning process, a background on the evolution of Arabic language; explaining the difference between the formal language and the dialects spoken by Arabs around the world, and how you can make your way through that.
And if you wish to continue we will make a study plan.
So if interested or curious, please contact me.

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