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Learning turkish (Istanbul)

I have been in Turkey since May Protected content , i emigrated to live with my turkish husband and am struggling to learn turkish for a number of reasons. Firstly my husband is constantly speaking English to me because as part of his job he is required to speak English nearly all the time. Secondly I have tried several learning techniques/lessons but nothing seems to match the technique way back when I was at school for learning languages. I have tried a trial couple of lessons at Dilmer, I have to say it didn't match what I was looking for and I didn't enjoy it, also I have tried a fluent speaking private tutor who came to my home but again, I feel she was teaching me things I knew I really wouldn't use and I didn't enjoy the technique, I told my husband please stop her from coming because the things she was teaching me seemed pointless and not useful. I need to learn day to day language skills and speaking, I am looking for someone to teach me turkish English English turkish and in a fun kind of way. I'm just finding it hard to proceed on as Turkish seems quite difficult for me. Does anyone have any tips? Help? I do not want a turkish male teacher specifically because of my protection. Does anyone know of a course in the Bakırköy area or close to Ataturk airport?

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