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I just wanted to say thanks to all the nice people I have met since my stay in Istanbul at the internations events. I will be moving back to NewYork to start an Intensive English Language program as well as a TEFL certificate program. It has been wonderful overall and I look forward to the last few events that I may go to before I go back which will probably be in June. I plan on doing some travelling in Turkey because I am not sure when I will be back. The last time I was in Turkey before this was 12 years ago though I doubt it will be as long next time I return. If any of you are interested in bettering your English by all means come to New York and I assure you a positive experience.

Also, if any of you want to earn some money by helping recruit students please contact me by email Protected content .. my phone here will be on until I leave at Protected content . If you need any details or want to get together before I leave, get in touch when it is convenient. All the best and good luck in your future endeavors...

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