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Legal & Business assistance for the members (Istanbul)

Dear All,

I have been abroad last two years and came back to Turkey and settled in Antalya, therefore I have an office in Istanbul and travel to Istanbul almost once a month and if its required more sometimes.

Working abroad, especially if you do not know the local language sometimes can be very tough. I lived such experience while I was in Tel-Aviv. So, I decided to give free consultancy to members ( ok if its something I need to work rather than answering questions we can discuss :))) at legal aspects or business aspects in Turkey.

Also lets start with an advice,, never ever sign a document without getting consulting in Turkey, you could not believe how many people have ripped up while they are trying to establish business, buying property or buying goods, leaving their business, entering a new job, even while they are divorcing.. I have tons of stories from clients..

I wish all of you sucess and happiness feel free to contact with me anytime


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