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Life in Istanbul through the eyes of an expat

Hi all, I'm new to the community and was hoping to gain some insight into life in Istanbul, as an expat - especially since the latest terror incidents have taken place.

I'm South African and am married to a Russian (no kids yet). Have lived in London previously and now am back in South Africa. I've been offered a job in Istanbul but am wary of accepting due to what you read and see in the news. Being South African, I know how the media can portray a country's current social climate with a particular lense, but in reality it can be just a small piece of a greater puzzle.

I'm hoping you guys can provide some insight and shed some reality on the matter, so we can make as an informed decision as possible.

Things like:
- What is the sentiment amongst the locals that you work and socialise with?
- What is your general feeling of safety & security during everyday life?
- Has it affected your day to day life, if so, how?
- If you've changed your normal routine, has this change affected your lifestyle and how significantly?

These are just some of my questions to help start the conversation, anything you're able to share would greatly help us to form a view.

Many thanks in advance,

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