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Looking for a new job for Jerome! (Istanbul)

Jerome is our Filippino househelp. He had taken over from his wife Maryann a year ago when she had another job offer. He looked very well after our children (3 and 8 years), gave bath to the small one, did the cleaning, laundry, cooking, running errands and shopping and fixed anything in the house. He also helped friends with painting when they moved to their new place.

While working with us he has been working far below his intellectual capabilities. He has a college degree, is a trained nurse, speaks English very well and is computer literate. In addition to is professional experience in a hospital, he has worked in a call center in the Philippines and has a public transport license from the Philippines.

He is a very pleasant person, friendly, good with kids, flexible and helpful. Both Maryann and himself have a legal residency in Turkey (and Maryann has Turkish citizenship and speaks Turkish well). They live in Resitpasa/Emirgan on the European side with their son (8years).

We are moving end of this month and would love to help Jerome (and possibly Maryann who currently has a part time job as a nanny, househelp and cook) find a good job, ideally not too far from this neighborhood.

Contact me directly for more information!

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